New Year, New You!

Jamie Krauss Hess

The holidays are always jammed-packed for us, and whether it’s spending time with family & friends or celebrating at the office holiday party, it usually means EATING! We firmly believe that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little indulgence (read: baked goods!), as long as you stay aware of your consumption and don’t let it snowball out of control. Having said that, we took stock after a period of holiday revelry, and Jamie decided she really wanted to take her body back for the New Year.


She set her intention on Friday evening (12/16). Upon waking on Saturday (12/17) we took the “before” picture and she got to work. She took the second pic three days into the commitment (12/20) and the third pic after nine days (12/27).


Here’s the basic plan of action that got her there:




Daily gym session at Equinox OR Barry’s Boot Camp

(Some days we’d include a yoga class too to keep it fun!)


Gym routine:


Round 1 (each 3x):

10 push-ups

10 spiderman push-ups

10 walking planks

20 mountain climbers

10 side planks w/ hip dips (R then L)


Round 2 (each 3x):


25 side bends w/ 30 lb weight (R then L)

15 woodchoppers w/ 15 lb weight (R then L)

20 rows w/ 20 lb weight (R then L)


Round 3 (each 3x):


60 russian twists w/ 15 or 20 lb weight

12 sit-ups w/ 20 lb weight push overhead

60 bicycles

12 right hand to left leg (w/ 10 lb weight)

12 left hand to right leg (w/ 10 lb weight)

15 knee-ins (at end of bench)

15 knee-ins for oblique (angled, sitting on R butt cheek then L butt cheek)



Breakfast: Either egg whites w/ grilled chicken & avocado OR plain almond milk yogurt

All Day Long: Grilled chicken and Apples (you can snack all day long and NEVER get hungry this way!)

Dinner: Grilled chicken or Tilapia w/ roasted & steamed veggies. We season the protein w/ cinnamon, paprika, and garlic. Veggies are Brussel sprouts, onions, cauliflower, and carrots (we rotate). We squeeze lemon juice over them for taste.


Snacks: Dried apricots (but SPARINGLY). Apples. Baby carrots. No protein bars – those open up the door to wanting sugar!


Black coffee.


The final key ingredient to this diet is WATER! Chugging a large bottle an hour after every meal was critical to Jamie's success. Not only does it stave off hunger, it washes out the sodium induced puffiness/bloating, and contributes to an overall feeling of being refreshed!




This is a big part of the program for us. Taking time to meditate and get grounded truly helps with cravings and control. Don’t forget to get present and quiet the mind!