Alpe d'Huzes, Here We Come!!!

Sometimes, life is surprising. Sometimes the universe delivers an opportunity that you can’t pass up. Sometimes, you are invited to run a charity race in the French Alps! When this happens you don’t ask questions, you just say YES!


But let us back up a step here to explain…


We are both blessed to have jobs we truly love, Jamie working in PR (largely in the fitness + wellness space) and George in music marketing. One of George’s biggest clients is Armada Music, the home of superstar DJ Armin van Buuren.


Armada has become like family to us both, so when we heard that Mick, the 6-year son of co-founding partner, Maykel Piron, was diagnosed with leukemia, we were heartsick. Luckily he is doing well, but as someone with family who battled cancer (Jamie’s mom beat breast cancer in 2015), we understood all too well the physical and emotional pain that accompanies this diagnosis.


Armada decided collectively to run the Alpe d’HuZes, an 8k race in the Alpes that spans part of the Tour de France path and raises money for cancer research. The course takes you on 23 turns up the mountain, and you can bike or run it. Armada is one big family, so their team signed on one by one to participate. Then they asked us to join.


What else was there to say but OF COURSE? We’ve been blessed to travel with this amazing group of people often, and in every city we visit, we’ve laced up our running shoes. When we joined them in Ibiza, we ran along the coast of the Mediterranean sea. When we visited their offices in Holland, we ran an 8k affiliated with the Amsterdam Marathon. And now… we can add this to the journey.


We are honored and humbled to be a part of Team Armada, raising money in honor of Mick’s brave battle. We would be very grateful if you could contribute to support our participation and to help find a cure for cancer.


To donate, please follow this procedure:

·         Go to:

·         First (very important): click on the ENGLISH FLAG at the top of the page

·         Click on DONATE

·         Then go to SUPPORT A PARTICIPANT

·         Search for [GEORGE HESS] / [JAMIE HESS]

·         Click on SUPPORT PARTICIPANT

·         Fill in the form and choose CREDIT CARD as PAYMENT METHOD


Thanks in advance, dear friends!

Xx Jamie & George