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How I used "Energy Clearing" to Ease My Pregnancy Anxiety

Pregnancy anxiety is a real thing.. I found out the hard way.

So you guys... yesterday I did a thing. A “woo woo” thing.. but also something very cool and transformative. And I want to tell you about it.

First, a story...

When I had Mason, I had a very unexpected emotional reaction during my labor. The epidural gave me extreme feelings of claustrophobia because I couldn’t freely move my legs. George literally got me through an 8 hour panic attack. God bless him... we did meditative breathing together, eyeball to eyeball, until Mason was ready to come out.

The new mama struggle is real

Let me tell you... it was FUN TIMES!!

What’s even more fun, is that the claustrophobia decided to stick around and become my new friend. Now I get struck with it on airplanes, or even silly times like when my foot is asleep or stuck in a winter boot, or when a ring is stuck on my finger.

Oh.... or, like, now, when I’m now pregnant again... and the baby bump *kinda* makes me feel like I’m suffocating. All the time.

It’s odd to be someone who’s never experienced anxiety before and suddenly has major issues. It’s a real drag honestly, and sadly impedes my ability to enjoy my pregnancy.

They say when you’re in enough pain, you’ll actually take action towards change...

So here we are.

Take Care Face & Body is a unique place specializing in natural beauty & authentic self expression

While I was in LA this past week, I connected with a beautiful soul named Sadie Adams who offered to help. I had been hearing about the business she runs with her sister called Take Care for some time, and was intrigued. Their tagline is: “Nurturing those exploring natural beauty, calm presence & authentic self expression,” and they focus on education, self-care, and balanced living, offering things from microcurrent facials to “wisdom transmission” sessions and beyond.

I decided to do an embodiment meditation focused around energy clearing. I wanted some fresh tools to create a new relationship with my body and manage my fears.

Suffice it to say, it was amazing.

Sadie’s energy is that of a Shaman. She truly tapped into my spirit and we were completely energetically connected during our very intense, one-on-one, hour session.

Sadie Adams of Take Care

Here’s what went down:

  • First, she used Buddhist & Hindu teachings to explain our complex relationships to our bodies, including the notion of disassociation from our bodies.

  • Next, we got grounded with a meditation, bringing awareness very specifically to different areas of my body, as well as the energy of my baby's body. I tapped into (& acknowledged) feelings of resistance.

  • We did a call-and-repeat exercise where I mirrored a series of phrases like: “I am my fear," or "I am my fear of my fear," and "I am my fear of being stuck.” Sometimes saying these things out loud diminishes their power.

My conclusion?

Ok, so when it comes to woo-woo stuff, I am someone who walks that delicate line between “SPIRITUALLY ALL IN!!” and “TOTAL SKEPTIC!!” I always want to be open minded, but my “New Yorker side” sometimes argues with my “hippy side.”

So where does that leave me? Basically, when we first began, I was thinking “what did I get myself into...” and by the time we were done I found myself wondering “should I just pick up and move to an ashram?”

"New life, who 'dis?"

Bottom line is this: We would ALL be better served to focus on spiritual work as a means for self-betterment & to deliver new tools to get through the tough parts of life.

I say this all the time... wellness isn’t a matcha latte or a single spin class. Issa vibe, y’all... and it takes work.

Grateful to have had the opportunity to "suit & up and show up" for myself with this special experience. A big thank you to Sadie for your time & your magic.

NYCfitfam & Sadie Adams from Take Care

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