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Filling Our Cups... from the Cellular Level Up!

A mother’s perspective on what really matters… and how to attain it

*This post in partnership with MitoQ

I was having a conversation with my mom friends the other day.

“It’s actually been soooo great spending so much time with the kids this past year since we’ve all been stuck in the house together!” I mused.

One of my other mom friends looked me square in the eye and challenged me: “right…. but what about quality time?”

It stung, because I knew she was right… just being under the same roof doesn’t totally cut it.

Life is about MOMENTS.

SPECIAL moments… the kind you carve out to turn into magic memories.

The moments where you pull yourself away from work or put your phone in the drawer.

As I get older - *cough, cough* yup, just celebrated my 41st birthday! - sometimes it’s simply about needing to find the energy to create adventures together… whether that’s a hike in the hills or a family slumber party in mom’s bedroom.

If my body isn’t in optimal condition, then I’m simply not able to be the mom I want to be.

These days, my secret to success is filling my cup - emotionally, spiritually, and physically. That last part led me to a new addition to my arsenal: a daily dose of MitoQ, the cellular super-charged supplement that helps provide your cells the power and energy to give you the best starting point to be STRONG.

I started taking MitoQ last year, just before the pandemic... I was deep in the midst of getting in the groove with my QVC job, which included a (very exhausting!!) weekly schlep back and forth from NYC to PA. As soon as I started taking it, I felt like my energy was bolstered.

Here’s the deal: Your body is made of trillions of cells and they need power to function, but, like a mobile phone battery, this power declines with age.

MitoQ is the world's first antioxidant formulated to get into your cells' energy banks, the mitochondria -- hundreds of times more effectively than any other supplement of its kind. It is a powerful antioxidant that accumulates and regenerates within these cell energy banks to enhance their defenses against damage, helping them to power up, affecting everything from energy to focus to sleep.

I absolutely INSIST on bubble parties with these two until the end of time… and thanks to MitoQ I can ensure I have the energy + vitality to keep that special promise. #PoweredByMitoQ #MitoQ

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