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I Learned to Do My Own Hair & Make-Up... (and you can too!)

Being in the public eye as an influencer and on-air personality requires a good amount of “upkeep” … George often jokes that my life “is a balancing act between my workouts and my blow-outs,” and he’s absolutely right! It’s hard to sweat as much as I do in the mornings and also have good hair in the evenings… of course, if that’s my biggest problem in a day, I’ll take it!

But seriously, life in front of the camera requires a lot of planning, and as I walk down a new career path working more on TV, the time has come for me to take control of my life in a new way… it’s time to REALLY learn how to do my own hair & make-up!!

I can do my own glam for everyday things, but every time I make a television appearance I need professional help... there’s a big difference between “every day” make-up and on-camera make-up. I don’t want to always have to rely on others... so to learn to do it myself, I went to the very best.

I worked with celebrity hair & make-up artist, Emir Pehilj, who does some of the biggest names in the world... including my own mama, Joan Lunden.

Emir & my mom, Joan Lunden

We recently did a IG Live tutorial and I learned so much, including all the best products and a step-by-step cheat sheet from skin prep to finishing touches.

As promised, I want to share it all with you guys here, so here goes!

First up: HAIR!!

Wet hair, don't care...

Base products:

I sat my butt in the chair and we got to work! With my hair washed & wet, Emir used MOP Lemongrass Lift, applied at the root. Next, he used Wella EIMI Extra Volume Mousse Strong Hold Volumizing Mousse, applying a baseball sized amount and combing through fully.


He separated my hair into quadrants, blow drying each section using a Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic hair dryer and a YS Park "G" Series Mixed-Bristle Round Brush. I've always used a "cheater" hair dryer... the kind with a brush attached, so no need for the manual dexterity of a round brush. That type of shortcut is never going to give you the best results, so It's time for me to upgrade.

He explained that to dry each section without frizziness or heat damage, you should make a motion like you’re “vacuuming," moving the hairdryer back and forth over the hair until dry.

*Pro tip: Make sure you use your fingers and partially dry hair first before pulling it taut into sections for the “vacuum” motion.

Learning from the master!

Setting the hair:

Next, Emir took smaller individual sections of my hair and curled them around his fingers, making each curl about three fingers big. He said this is “how all the models and movie stars” do it… who knew?? He used Metal Double Prong Curl Clips like these to clip them onto my head in a set of loose curls after he was done. This replaces the need for rollers and helps add a bit of volume prior to using a curling iron.

Giving my best "why do I look like George Washington" look... #dreamy


Emir unclipped one curl at a time and sprayed it with Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray to prepare it to hold a curl.

Using a Helen Of Troy Gold Series 1'' Spring Curling Iron, he showed me how to curl:

  1. Start with the iron tip pointed down

  2. Ensure the hand holding the iron is physically in contact with my head (this helped me have some control of the iron and start with it in the right place, versus waving it around like a maniac... which is usually what I do)

  3. One by one, wrap each section around several times, leaving about 1 inch of the end unwrapped to make sure I'd maintain some length (versus “Shirley Temple curls!”).

  4. Hold in place for 10 seconds (so hair is a bit hot without burning, which is always my fear), and gently release.

Cute but.... NO.

Repeat this motion over the whole head, spray whole head with a layer of hair spray. Gently run your fingers through once of twice, give it a good shake, and VOILA!!

Next up... FACE!!