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Why I’m a Sucker For a Little Cushioning In Life (and Why You Should Be Too!)

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Ok, here’s the truth: #FitMom x #Bossbabe life is hard enough.

Between the constant juggling of kiddo time vs fitness goals, entrepreneurial endeavors vs self care… simply maintaining sanity and physical homeostasis is a daily challenge...and one that is never “mastered” only “managed.”

My biggest pro-tip is: when you can make life easier, DO IT!

And please… DO NOT apologize for it!

Some places I find some extra cushioning in my day:

  1. Delegating Tasks

When I started in business, I was the WORST at delegating. I was a micromanaging perfectionist with control issues. And guess where it got me? Up until 2am regularly working on projects by myself, because I never asked for help.

Learn what you’re great at and delegate the rest. There’s a million ways to do this and I’m happy to expand upon it in a later post, but for today, I’ll leave you with this: if my severely Type-A self can learn to delegate, so can you!

Oh, and when it comes to fitness and #momlife…delegate the heck out of that too! I treat my runs like an important business meeting…I put it on the calendar and make sure that childcare is sorted. Whether I’m recruiting my husband, a sitter or a family member, I leave nothing up to chance…because when it comes to my fitness, that’s my ME TIME. And the comfort I get from that is “a cushion” I remain unapologetic for, because I know I’m a better mom because of it!

2. Feeling Physically “Cushioned” Makes Pushing Yourself Easier - This may seem obvious, but I invest in things that make you physically feel good and enhance your lifestyle, workouts and overall experience. I designed my office space like a true “zen den,” and when it comes to my workout wear, I take comfort and cushioning VERY seriously.

For instance, I recently tried out the Saucony Endorphin Speed running shoes. They’re engineered with elite athletes, but built to give everyday runners an advantage at the starting line. They feature a revolutionary SPEEDROLL Technology that propels you forward (I felt it on my first step… like a spring!). But the thing I loved most was… you guessed it: the cushioning! They’re designed with a carbon fiber plate and ultra-light PWRRUN PB cushioning that makes them feel like you’re running on a cloud.

I know it may seem small, but it’s big… those moments when going for that run feels like a beast, there’s just something about putting on a new pair of running shoes with an incredible, springy feel and deep, comfy cushioning that helps you get out the door and hit the pavement.

3. Be Loyal to Services That Make Life Easier - I love a good shortcut. Businesses that curate information or retail items so I only have to make one virtual stop are my jam.

Love shopping at home but scared to buy the wrong thing then be stuck with it? Like to order things and have them arrive ASAP? Sign up for rewards programs with vendors that deliver. For instance - I bought my shoes on Zappos

, which has a crazy large selection, 24/7 customer service and a 365 day return policy (yes, you read that right!). Plus as a Zappos Rewards Member, I get expedited shipping…because I want what I want when I want it. (Now!)

4. Disconnect to Reconnect - I can’t stress this enough: a well-placed cat nap. A 10 minute meditation. A restorative night’s sleep. A 15 minute walk outdoors to give your eyes and nerves a break from the computer screen. There is so much science behind our brain’s ability to work better as a byproduct of doing these things…so why do we try and “power through” until we work ourselves sick?

Read any interview with the most revered athletes or the most successful CEOs and they’ll all agree…the most powerful thing you can do to be better is to understand the balance of our life energy. So cushion yourself and don’t feel bad about smoothing out the ride.

Retrain your brain to believe in the power of the reset and the “cushion” of self-care. You’ll thank yourself later when your newly recharged batteries start to power up your internal motherboard and the whole machine starts to function better!

Thank you to Zappos & Saucony for the partnership. All editorial opinions are my own.

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