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#MotivationMondays - Enthusiasm is Contagious

We decided to revisit our popular MOTIVATION SERIES each Monday. Let us know what you think and how you apply these tools in your own life! #MondayMotivation!!

Motivation tip #1: ENTHUSIASM IS CONTAGIOUS! Yup, we'll admit it - we're “those people” in class at Barry’s Bootcamp or on the race course during a 5k giving UNSOLICITED HIGH FIVES. Why? Because by pumping up others, we boost our own morale. It’s like a MOTIVATION BOOMERANG!!

Try carrying this over into your every day life. At work, be the office cheerleader and you’ll find that pretty soon, you’re hyping yourself up as well. For example, help your team reframe negative feelings about a client (“she is so difficult, requesting so many time-consuming research projects!”) into opportunities to encourage positivity (“this research will give us a great chance to learn more about the competitive landscape, and with all the hard work we put in, think of what a great case study this will make!”).

Make it an awesome week, friends!

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