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New Year, Best You!

“It’s all in your head!!”

I heard these words ringing in my ears last week as I pushed through my second cycle class of the day. I had a little extra time that morning so I decided to “do a double,” and was immediately regretting my decision only 5 minutes into my second class.

Fact is… I’m often the one getting in my own way during fitness classes with negative self talk or a lack of FIRE in my belly.

Of course, then some days I have the fire... but my body can’t seem to keep up.

It got me thinking… with so many of us determined to crush our goals in the New Year, what are some simple things we can do to walk into our fitness class - and into our LIFE this New Year - as fired up as possible on every level?

What can we do to truly set ourselves up for peak performance, especially in those early morning workouts (incidentally, this is hands-down the thing I get asked on IG more than anything else!)?

Here are a few of my (simple!) go-to’s lately that I believe make me a better athlete & healthier human:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

1) Let’s get cellular

Ok, so let’s start with our bods, and I’m talking deep in our bods at a cellular level… the part we don’t think about that much when crushing our workouts (but should!).

News flash: Your mitochondrial health could actually be holding you back from achieving your goals. YUP, I said mitochondrial health.


Here’s the scoop: Mitochondria are tiny “power plants” in our cells. They combine the food we eat with the oxygen we breathe to create the fuel our cells need to work properly. They are essential to our health and well-being. When we’re young, our mitochondria work like gangbusters… we can run, jump, and bounce back from injuries like champs. But as we age (uh-oh!), our mitochondria can decline... studies suggest that from the age of 30, the rate of decline can be as much as 10% per decade.

I recently started taking something called MitoQ, which is a world-first, mitochondria-targeted version of the CoQ10 antioxidant to support healthy energy levels, mental focus and overall well-being. Basically, this is an advancement in antioxidant technology to help deliver health-giving energy and to help SLOW THE AGING PROCESS. (sign me up!!)

People who have taken MitoQ supplements have reported all sorts of benefits, from increased energy & endurance to a “youthful libido”... hello, George, are you reading??? Hehe

Pay attention, George, this is A+ information here!

Our bodies are unique, so everyone may experience MitoQ differently, it will depend on your age, your fitness and your overall health, and it may take up to three months to feel the full effects, but no time like the present to step into the new year firing on all cylinders, amirite?? #PoweredByMitoQ

Paying attention to my mitochondrial health as part of overall wellness with MitoQ

2) There’s nothing wrong with a morning boost

I truly believe that some days, caffeine gets me out the door. And I’m ok with that! Whether it’s your morning brekkie, a big coffee, or a clean-fueling energy drink, make mornings your friend by setting yourself up for success. I’ve heard a lot about “fasted cardio” and “intermittent fasting” lately, and that’s cool, but I know it’s not what works for me, because I need motivation to get out of bed and out the door in the morning, so I do what I know will pump me up.

In our home, the morning routine consists of a small portion of Oatmeal (I like the pre-packaged variety for portion control) with a scoop of protein powder, super greens, & turmeric, topped with a lil’ almond milk. I get up early enough to eat it, let it settle, and then I grab a caffeinated clean fueling beverage which I bring with me into my daily 6am class to get me through.

No need to be a hero… do what works!

Whatever it takes to get me out the door and into class is what I’ll do!

3) Make it a “non-negosh” (& schedules are king)

This one’s pretty simple. If it’s not on my calendar, it’s not happening. But if it’s there, there is no question: I’m going. I’ve trained myself that once I’ve made that appointment with myself to workout (and looped in my husband so we’ve sorted our joint calendar & childcare to accommodate the plan!), there is no flaking. That’s the simple way to be consistent. Even if you don’t feel like going… go anyway.

4) It truly is mental… but it’s a new challenge EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

No matter how many times I go to the gym or take the same class, each and every time I feel the same way when approaching the gym door:

“I can’t do this. It’s too hard. I’ll never make it.”

What the hell is that???

But knowing that my brain’s M.O is to psyche myself out with negative self-talk is half the battle, because it doesn’t deter me from actually starting the workout. I have “smart feet,” meaning even if I feel defeated before I’ve begun, I show up anyway and just get moving.

And I ALWAYS feel better once I do.

So shout-out to all the instructors & accountability partners that remind us half-way through a workout that we are freakin capable, and we just need to believe that and to freakin SHOW UP FOR OURSELVES and push through.

And if you find someone who inspires you like that…. you’ve struck gold.

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