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NYCfitfam is hiring!


Intern position for NYCfitfam


George & Jamie Hess are the #fitcouple behind @NYCfitfam. Following their engagement on the treadmills at Barry’s Bootcamp, they began sharing their #fitjourney with the world on social media. When their son Mason was born, they became a true #fitfamily. Their content focuses on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and wellness-based lifestyle hacks. They’ve been named one of the "7 Fittest Couples on Instagram" by Women's Health, and Jamie is an on-air lifestyle expert, making regular appearances on shows like Dr. Oz and many more.


NYCfitfam interns gain the opportunity to learn about many facets of social media, content creation, strategy, public relations, and influencer marketing, as well as best practices for working with brands, client acquisition, and leveraging relationships to achieve top notch results. You will work directly with the co-founders, who both come from extensive careers in PR & marketing and apply those same best-in-class practices to their management of NYCfitfam as a platform.

You will assist on daily tasks including but not limited to:

- Research

- Data entry & organization

- Assistance on powerpoint deck creation (proposals, recap documents, etc)

- Joining NYCfitfam at events and fitness classes to assist in content capture

- On-site assistance at NYCfitfam events, including set-up/break-down, gift bags, check-in, etc.


- You are NYC based (or able to commute easily)

- You have an eye for content

- You have a working knowledge of all social platforms, most importantly Instagram & YouTube

- You can use excel & powerpoint (bonus if you can video edit!)

- Time expectation - 20 hours per week

  • Two (2) days a week in-person (5 hours each day)

  • Two (2) days a week remote (5 hours each day)

- You love fitness & wellness, and follow the trends in the category (this job comes with perks like free workouts at the hottest studios in NYC, so we value hiring someone who has an appreciation and passion for this opportunity)

- You have a genuine HUSTLE! We love to make amazing things happen and like to work with people who share our energy & enthusiasm.

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