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(Plus an Amazing Black Friday Deal from Britax!)

2020, you’ve taken a lot of things from us...

Live SoulCycle classes.

Hot Yoga.

The spirit of in-person connection.

Manicures. Lash Extensions. Blow-outs. (*sigh*)

All jokes aside, the list goes on… from a broken economy to millions falling ill, suffice it to say: IT’S BEEN A YEAR.

So here we are, the most beautiful season: autumn. Ready to turn a corner, see family, have a

home cooked meal together… and then:

A COVID spike….

But here’s the thing. If 2020 has done one thing, it’s made us FLEXIBLE. RESILIENT. Able to

shrug our shoulders and realize that the ONLY thing that matters is our health…

Everything else is just… gravy.

Um, no pun intended.

When we realized that Thanksgiving was going to be a solo celebration here at Team NYCfitfam HQ (meaning no extended family), we put our thinking caps on. We really wanted to spice things up to give the kids a great holiday, even though extended family wasn’t on the menu… not to mention Turkey… we’re plant-based!

But before we get to all of that, let’s talk about some of the GOOD THINGS that came from this seasonal switch-up…. aka, the continued Silver Linings of quarantine.

Something else not on the menu: HOLIDAY TRAVEL! Aka, no long car rides, traffic,

“are-we-there-yets,” puking in the backseat, or any of the other lovely things that usually

accompany Thanksgiving celebrations.

Don’t get me wrong: we were TOTALLY prepared for it all… even if we had to travel "home" to the NYC/CT area from our new home here in Pennsylvania, our kiddos would have been safe and secure in their amazing Britax car seats.

Mason loves his Britax Grow With You ClickTight harness-to-booster car seat

When we secure Mason into his Britax Grow With You Harness-to-Booster ClickTight car seat, we know he’s always safe with his 5-point harness and SafeCell Impact Technology that would create a crumple zone if god forbid we were in an accident… not to mention the “cool-flow” fabric, which helps him stay cool.

That feature DEFINITELY comes in handy on those long car rides to Grandmas… our lil Mason is a sweat-monster!

Our plans still include car travel locally, so we’ll be clipping him in for sure… one of the joys of our post-COVID move to Chester County, PA is that it’s COUNTRY LIVIN’ at its best, and

autumn here is truly spectacular. We’ll be snagging seasonal veggies at nearby farm stands and shopping local for all our Thanksgiving cooking & decorating needs, so we’re grateful to Britax for keeping our kiddos safe…. incidentally, Asher rides in a Britax car seat too.

While we’re on the subject of kiddo car safety - if you’re in the market for a car seat, stroller, or booster seat, check out these amazing Black Friday deals from Britax.

Head over to this Bob Gear or visit participating retailers Amazon, Target, buybuyBaby, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Albee’s, Brixy and Walmart.

Ok, moving on….

So, what else are we doing to make (Plant-Based) Turkey Day special? Here’s the plan:

Step 1: Get Everyone Excited!!

We’re using a “Gratitude Turkey” to get everyone in the mood. Here’s how it works:

We had the kids create the body of the turkey out of construction paper. The “feathers” each represent something they’re thankful for. They put on 2-3 a night every night leading up to Thanksgiving!