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Smelly No More (seriously)

We are very fortunate to receive lots of products to test out… some of them are compelling, some are not-so-great, and some are downright kooky. But we recently received something that JUST PLAIN MAKES SENSE, and we wanted to share about it with you guys.

If you’re into fitness like us, I’m sure you can relate to the NEVER-ENDING pile-up of smelly laundry. We’re practically drowning in it, and it stinks (especially in a not-so-big NYC apartment! yuck!). We wash it constantly, but we end up needing to throw a lot of things away because sometimes the stink just can’t be un-stunk!! (is that a word? Ok, well it is now!)

Our activewear is our life, so we were totally game when a laundry detergent company called HEX asked us to participate in their “HEX Challenge,” where we’d wash a load of our smelliest laundry with HEX to see if it really works.

We're happy to report that it really did work… and it makes sense why. Gym clothes have changed (new fabric technology & design), but we’re all still washing them the same old detergent that not designed to effectively address fitness grime. Worse yet, it could be ruining the fabrics, and damaging our skin with dyes, fillers, harsh perfumes and more.

We learned that HEX is the first odor-removal detergent that backs up its claim with a free + clear option that is not only environmentally friendly, it's also skin friendly, with zero fragrance left behind. While ordinary detergents only mask smells, HEX eliminates it all together with a proprietary molecule that effectively destroys odor caused by bacteria.

I know it’s only laundry detergent, but we totally geek out on sharing this stuff with you guys! Hope it helps… and if you want to buy some of your own, use our unique code HEX-8T80M0 to receive 20% off a HEX Starter Kit (redeem it at

Happy sweating - and laundering!! - my friends!!

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