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Sweetness Reimagined: Tools to Fight Sugar Cravings

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I want to tell you a story… about cookies.

That’s right. COOKIES. Or rather… my battle with sugar.

As every parent knows, being quarantined with kids is challenging… one of the least discussed reasons being the temptation of kid food in your face all day.

True, in a pandemic, this problem may seem trivial. At least we have enough food to eat, and we’re all healthy enough to eat it…

But for a sugar addict, it’s a mind game. And it’s ok to admit it’s tough.

I know that - for me - I really don’t do “moderation” very well. One cookie would turn into 10. That’s why when last week George and Mason made Easter Sugar Cookies - my absolute favorite kind of cookie! - I panicked.

I knew I had two options, eat them or take a pass. I actually heard the “internet voices” in my head - the comments from judgey followers who always have something negative to say about my diet.

“You’re too restrictive.”

“No sugar or flour? I wouldn’t want to live like that!” “I can’t imagine raising my kids without baking and eating cookies together.”

Maybe they’re right, I thought. I reached towards the plate.

Then I took a pause... I know I’m a good mom, and that by remaining steadfast to my health goals, I’m not only bolstering my body, but I’m keeping my mind clear of the CLUTTER of obsessive thoughts and compulsions around sugar, which allows me to be an even BETTER MOM.

Then, I did something that may seem simple, but actually took years of “building a spiritual muscle” to develop. I stepped back, took a breath, and thought of the best thing to do, rather than taking an impulsive bite.

First, I applauded Mason for baking such beautiful cookies!

Next, I immediately removed myself from the situation and put on my brand new “HOKA ONE ONE running shoes. I was extremely excited to check them out, having just partnered with Hoka One One and Zappos to receive them. Zappos has been such an invaluable resource during this time, and as a Zappos Rewards member, you get free expedited shipping, 24/7 customer service, and a 365 day return policy.

The color I got is the Lead Pink Sand color and I’m completely obsessed with them. There’s nothing like a fabulous new pair or running shoes to turn a jog into an extra special treat. They were as colorful as Mason’s Easter cookies, but without all the mind games!

I laced up my new shoes, and walked out the front door into the sunshine and fresh air. All of a sudden, cookies were the last thing on my mind.

I was filled with gratitude. I picked up a jog. The cool air brushed my face. As I slowly picked up speed, I began to feel proud. I ran a bit faster, and the endorphins started pumping. I turned up my music, and suddenly, I found myself hoping that moment would never end.

Cookies, you don’t own my brain anymore… I do. And I do a much better job.

Thanks to good choices and good footwear, another Saturday, slayed!! I put my head on the pillow that night proud of my choices and exhausted from a day well spent. Grateful for my commitment to the process, and to all my wonderful partners like Zappos and HOKA ONE ONE who help make the moments extra special.

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